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Welcome from Dr. Sylvia

We are very humble to have received the honor of being FOCUS ON THE FAMILY BEST OF THE BEST BROADCAST FOR 2013 PROTECTING YOUR CHILDREN FROM THE DIGITAL INVASION. Thank you for visiting my website.  Take some time to look through the blogs and quizzes.  I offer resources to help you redeem your real life and relationships.  Please sign up to get my newsletter and you will receive a free Scripture Meditation download.  I pray that God will give you wisdom and courage to live your real life purpose for His glory.

The digital age is shaping our lives, our relationships and our work in striking new ways. Our brains are being rewired daily, which is changing the way we think, and in turn how we relate to each other and to God. Many today are expecting more from technology and less from each other. Using the latest research findings in both Neuroscience, Positive Psychology and  Spiritual Formation learn how to implement a digital wellness plan. Learn how to put technology in its place.

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Offering individual coaching that will focus on all areas of your life: spiritual, emotional, relational, physical and virtual.

  • Flourish in Real Life and Relationships Coaching
  • Flourish in Real Life and Relationships Coach Training
  • (Emotional Intelligence) Coaching
  • Overcoming Digital Addictions Life Coaching
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Upcoming Events

12/30-12/31 – Focus on the Family Radio Broadcast – Best of the Best for 2013 The Digital Invasion

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1/8/2014 – Liberty University – Keynote Speaker Faculty Orientation – The Digital Invasion

1/8/2014 – Radio Program with Dr. Linda Mintle – Victory FM Liberty University

1/13/2014 – Fredericksburg Christian School – Speaking on A Parent’s Guide to Digital Wellness

02/08/2014 – Radio Program Real Live with Beth and Rob on The Digital Invasion

05/1/2014 – Pepperdine University – Relationship IQ Training

606/05/2014 – Radio Program with Dustin Daniels 

07/11-13/2014 – Flourish Retreat with Dr. Catherine Hart Weber – Malibu, CA

08/29-30/2014 – Connecting and Bonding Conference – Ontario, CA

09/6/2014 – Flourish in Leadership Retreat – Portland, OR

10/2-4/2014 – Plenary Speaker American Association of Christian Counselors

02/25/2015 – Azusa Pacific University Chapel Speaker

03/5-6/2015 – The Digital Invasion Talk – Pella, Iowa

09/23-09/26 – American Association of Christian Counselors – Nashville, TN

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What Others Are Saying

Timely strategies and practical explanations on how to survive digital damage and put technology in its place.
Tim Clinton
Wilt and languish? Or thrive and flourish? Dr. Catherine and Dr. Sylvia escorts you out of a life of languishing into a refreshed life of faith-based flourishing and thriving. They lead you into practical renewal and intentional living that brings life change!
Katie Brazelton, Bestselling author and founder of Life Purpose Coaching Centers International
A groundbreaking, desperately needed, and long overdue cultural wake-up call that contains invaluable information that you’ve probably never heard before — information that you need to know for yourself and for those you love and serve.
Gary J. Oliver, Executive Director, Center for Relationship Enrichment; professor, John Brown University